Case Study #1

Veterinary Clinic Scientific Sterilizer Rebuild

Scientific Sterilizer Before Rebuild
Scientific Sterilizer After Rebuild


  • A veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer, which manufactures an extensive line of biological and pharmaceutical products for cattle, swine, horses, and pets.



  • The client had several older sterilizers with controls and piping packages that were becoming unreliable.
  • The sterilizers were very large and would require significant construction to be replaced with new sterilizers.
  • The combination of new sterilizers costs, construction costs, and manufacturing down-time, would require a monumental expenditure by the client.

Our Solution

  • Worked with the clients project manager to develop a plan to rebuild their current sterilizers on-site.
  • Completely dismantled, cleaned, painted and hydrostatically tested the sterilizer vessel to verify vessel integrity.
  • Provided the client with brand new all stainless steel piping packages including new in place filter sterilization package.
  • Installed brand new Encore® controls with user friendly color touch screens. Controls were custom programmed to the clients specifications.
  • Assisted the client's calibration and validation personnel in commissioning the sterilizers for use.


  • The rebuilt sterilizers are providing the client with consistent performance.
  • The client was able to meet all of their needs without large expenditures for construction and manufacturing down-time.
  • The new control system gives the client flexibility to request additional custom programming to meet their expanding needs.