Case Study #2

Service/Install for Teaching and Research Hospital


  • A major teaching and research hospital dedicated to advancing the science of saving lives in an environment that encourages discovery and collaboration.



  • The client had purchased several washers and sterilizers from various manufactures as part of a major expansion project.
  • The original contracted firm responsible for the installation and start up of the newly purchased equipment was not able to complete the project as promised.
  • The deadline to complete the project and open the building was fast approaching.
  • Finding one service provider that could both install all equipment as well as provide preventative maintenance service on various brands of equipment after the building was opened was extremely difficult.

Our Solution

  • Drawing from our vast knowledge and experience within the decontamination and sterilization industry, we were quickly able to assess the situation and develop a plan to install all equipment including BL3 sterilizers.
  • Worked very closely with the OEM's of all equipment to build the proper infrastructure support system to maintain peak performance of all units.
  • Developed customer specific parts stock and maintenance plans to minimize downtime in the highly demanding research environment.


  • Successfully completed an "all hands on deck" effort to finish the installation of all equipment in time for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the building.
  • All units are currently maintained to perform at or above manufactures specifications.
  • Downtime is kept to a minimum due to conscientious maintenance efforts and constant communication with the client to maintain a flexible maintenance plan that works within there ever changing needs.