Sterilizer Reconditioning Specifications

1. Unit is completely dismantled.


2. The chamber is descaled, cleaned, visually inspected and hydrostatically tested.


3. The interior of the chamber is descaled, cleaned and polished.


4. The exterior of the chamber is primed and painted with industrial grade enamel paint and insulated with 1" thick aluminum backed rigid fiberglass board. (Century Series shall be blanket wrapped.)


5. The door closure mechanism is completely disassembled. Parts are cleaned, inspected and replaced as necessary. Parts are lubed and reassembled using new door closure bearings. A new pressure lock diaphragm and gasket is installed.


6. Control parts are inspected, tested and replaced when necessary. The control is then calibrated and tested to assure OEM operation.


7. All units are furnished with Continental Equipment Company's patent pending Water- Mizer® Technology.


8. Following components are replaced with new components.

  • a. Door gasket.
  • b. Chamber and jacket steam trap elements and seats.
  • c. Solenoid valves. (Century Series solenoid manifolds rebuilt)
  • d. Safety relief valves.
  • e. Water ejector and heat exchanger.
  • f. Check valves and vacuum breakers.
  • g. Water level sensor.
  • h. Chamber and jacket pressure gauges.


9. Following items are replaced or rebuilt.

  • a. Pressure regulator valve.
  • b. Manual valves.


10. All stainless steel surfaces are professionally polished to a #4 finish. All previously painted surfaces are sandblasted, primed and painted.


11. Upon completion of reassembly, units are ran repeatedly through all cycles to assure they meet OEM specifications before they are released for shipment.