Water-Mizer Technology H2O Mizer

The patented Water-Mizer® is a water saving and tempering device for steam sterilizers that efficiently mixes cold water with steam condensate discharged from the sterilizer, to reduce the discharged water temperature before it enters a municipal sewer system.


Most steam sterilizers use continuous cold water (single pass cooling) to temper the steam condensate, which is wasteful. The Water-Mizer® monitors the drain temperature and applies cold water only when needed. The Water-Mizer®'s temperature actuated valve is time-tested to be reliable and maintenance-free. And, because it is non-electric, no wiring is required. The Water-Mizer® operates independently from OEM controls and can be used with any steam sterilizer.


When the Water-Mizer® is installed and adjusted properly, the device will provide water savings of 2,000 gallons a day or greater.


Water-Mizer® Savings Calculator

Number of hours per day unit is available
Combined water and sewer cost per 1,000 gallons
Supply gallons saved annually
Combined water and sewer cost saved annually
Combined water and sewer cost saved over 5 Years